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Bill is the lead trainer with Speaking Arts International. He has delivered his business presentations seminars, workshops and personal coaching, to companies including Heineken, Philips, ING, KPMG and Cisco Systems. Since 2002, he has been active in the Toastmasters Organization and is a European Toastmasters Speech Champion, Distinguished Toastmaster and European Toastmaster of the Year.

Am I a fake trainer?

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Why can't I stop wasting my time, and my student's time and money, with only teaching theory that they forget the next day? For me to feel fulfilled as a trainer, I want to be an effective trainer and make a real and lasting difference in the life of my student. But how? Read this [...]

Online Education: Your Toastmasters Skills Are Needed

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In the September 2022 issue of Toastmaster Magazine, page 24, there is an article about online learning that features the work of the European Trainers Network. Written by Megan Preston Meyer, she examines which Toastmasters skills come into play online - as a trainer or as a student. Here is an excerpt from her article: [...]