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Become a Better Storyteller
Engage, Energize and Inspire your Students with Stories

Presented by Dyane Neiman

Saturday, 12 November 2022, from 10-12:30 CET
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Engage your students/clients with a riveting story. In this European Trainers Network workshop, you’ll learn how to craft intriguing stories and hold your audience’s attention. Wrapping your learning material in a story makes it easy for listeners to understand, remember, and be moved to action. Science has proven its truth: storytelling is the most powerful form of communication.

Homework before the workshop:
Bring three important training messages that you often tell your learners. These tips are usually based on your own personal experience. For example, “Once you figure out the structure of your presentation, the rest goes quickly.” or “Take a deep breath before you begin to speak.” or “It’s better to reduce the text on your visual slides.”  etc., …